Thursday, March 31, 2016

Off the Track

Art production has been somewhat slowed this month by various family commitments (eg: helping one son renovate and another remodel his garden), as well as Easter and a short holiday in Hobart, Tasmania.

My husband being my husband the holiday was not a time for relaxing but rather a time to walk and walk and walk and then, just for a little variety, to ride. My thighs were stiff from hours of over-strenuous clambering over rocks and bracing against steep descents.

On the art front, we did however go (ride) to the stunningly positioned Mona gallery in Hobart while on holiday and I took some interesting photographs of the reflection of surrounding landscaping and cars off the stainless steel entrance (see below). I also took close up photos of “leafy” things while walking and clambering at Hartz Mountains and Mt Field National parks outside Hobart, to extend the variety of “photo references” I have stored on my computer for the current theme, and which I will use to provide inspiration for art works in the near future (see below).

Remodelling a garden, if not art  is also enjoyably creative (and hopefully pleasing to the eye) but the renovating, especially the patching and sanding of walls, is just plain hard work.