Monday, May 18, 2015

With a small hot water bottle

Now that the broken arm is improving and I can operate the press, I am concentrating on preparing prints for my October exhibition.

I am working on collagraphs and lino cuts simultaneously. I had prepared the collagraph plates before I broke my arm. The lino cuts are 4 colour reduction prints so I have to cut more away after printing each colour and the cutting process is a bit of a struggle with the impaired arm even now. To keep the lino pliant I place it on a hot water bottle and Michael (husband) delights in making teasing remarks about my “wimpish” lino needing to be coddled and kept warm every time he sees me disappearing into the studio with yet another replenished hot water bottle.

I know that artists are supposed to freeze in their garrets and I am willing to suffer for my art but I have to keep on-side with the lino. It is hard enough bending it to my will even when it is warm.

I have been experimenting with combining one stage/colour lino cuts with a coloured collagraph background (see images). 

I use these backgrounds with the collagraph images I print too. I call them “generic” plates as they are all over stipple or diagonal lines which I do in 2 – 3 colours and then print a defined image in stronger colours over the top.