Friday, October 25, 2013

Fungus meets Ferrite exhibition

My exhibition, Fungus meets Ferrite is now hung and open at the Firestation Print Studio at 2 Willis Street Armadale until November 9th. The opening is tomorrow Saturday October 26th from 2 - 4 pm.

The Firestation has produced a film clip to promote the exhibition. I think it is great and really worth a look. I supplied photos of bushwalking scenery, close ups of lichen and some photos of work. The rest was filmed at my place and all put together by a Firestation volunteer. The clip can be seen on the home page of the Firestation's web site i.e.:

Monday, October 7, 2013

Is there a cure?

Some two years ago I contracted a sad case of “lichenitis.” It happened when I was out bushwalking and looked closely at what I had previously just thought of as coloured “blobs on rocks.” After that I was possessed. Every blob had to be examined, photos taken with the macro lens and the many different shapes and patterns marvelled at.

Lichenitis took a hold of my thoughts and I began to create art based on the many shapes and patterns I saw.

I think that the process of making the art must be part of the cure because now that I am ready to share my images in an exhibition I suddenly find that I can think of other things again.

It won’t last of course. I already have ideas for the theme of my next body of work and no doubt once macro photos are taken and the obsession takes hold I will be a sad case yet again. The disease may have a different name but the symptoms will be the same.

Meanwhile, I can savour this brief lull while I enjoy sharing the results of my Lichenitis with others. Come to my exhibition at the Firestation Print Studio Gallery at @ Willis St in Armadale (see invitation below). It runs from October 23rd to November 9th. I am having a casual opening on Saturday October 26th from 2 – 4 pm. Everyone is welcome.