Monday, July 15, 2013

Still mad about fungus

As the title for the solo exhibition I am to have at the Firestation Print Studio in Armadale in November is “Fungus meets Ferrite” it is unsurprising that my art has been preoccupied with blobs of colour on rocks lately. I have done drawings inspired by the blobs, prints from blobs and now I am doing paintings using the blobs.

I am sure that, should they find themselves in the bush surrounded by rocks covered in coloured blobs, most people would hardly notice, or if they did would just comment, “Oh, there is a lot of lichen on the rocks around here.” I, on the other hand, examine the blobs closely and extensively, taking photos from many angles and getting really excited when I find a new “species” of blob.

As one walks past they do indeed look just like blobs but from close up there is an amazing diversity of forms and patterns, all of which I am bringing into my art.

The paintings are either oil on canvas or impasto gel applied to the primed canvas to create texture over
 whole or part of the canvas which is then painted in oils.

Almost completed, oil on canvas, 70 x 70 cms

                              The beginnings of part of an impasto gel and oil on canvas work