Thursday, July 20, 2017

Exhibition time

How time flies. I have been working away at another body of work. After nearly two years, it is all coming together and so it is time to share what I have learnt in an exhibition.

My overall theme and fascination continues to be “Detail in Nature” and this time the work is all about the intricacies of the leaf. Initially I spent a lot of time photographing, examining, and drawing leaves from many Australian native plants and then developed a series of prints, drawings and paintings based on my explorations.

There was a lot of cutting delicate shapes with tiny scissors and a lot of very sticky gluing of string and embroidery cotton onto canvases for the paintings as well as a lot of slow building up of lights and darks with a HB pencil for the drawings. Below are the last 2 of the very fiddly thread and oil on canvas paintings, finally finished.

I now know a lot more about the insides of leaves and am generally happy with the works I have created.

As the attached invitation indicates, the exhibition is once again at the Firestation in Armadale. It will run from Wednesday August 9th to Saturday August 26th with the Opening Celebration on Thursday August 10th from 6 – 8 pm. Come along.