Thursday, April 17, 2014

Starting small

With enough backgrounds prepared I am still moving slowly along the new path by doing some small prints to use as greeting cards (while familiarising myself with this new terrain) before taking the plunge and embarking on new 30 x 30 cm collagraph plates.

The technique for the small prints is the same, two background colours of a generic stipple and then another plate for the image, made with paper cut out and impasto gel, printed in two colours. So far I only have one colour of the image printed. Both contrast and definition will be much greater when I add a second colour but the photos give the general idea.

As the black and white images above illustrate, the small prints are based on the drawings I have been doing. There are so many intriguing and luscious patterns and textures in the shoreline photos I took that I am at last beginning to get excited and engrossed all over again. I think that the “Lichenitis” is gone at last and I can just about manage to follow my track down the path to a new obsession. I’m still not quite sure what to call it.