Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finishing the collagraphs

In the past month I have been finishing off collagraph prints ready for my solo exhibition in October.

I started by printing a lot of sheets of paper in 2 colours, using a “generic” plate with an overall, impasto gel, stipple pattern on it. Over this background I printed each one of 5 plates, with images of “details in nature” that I have seen while walking beside the ocean, in 2 more colours.

The image plates were made by gluing cut out paper onto a square of cardboard and then adding texture that would trap printing ink with a medium called impasto gel. The impasto gel sets hard and once protected with a couple of coats of shellac, can be printed many times.

As I was still not entirely happy with the level of definition in the prints I had produced I then worked on them further using aquarel pencils. Rather than produce an edition of say 10 identical prints, which I find really tedious, I have treated each print as a “one off,” using different colours for both the background and image for all of them.